Take Advantage of Our 1.99% APR Visa Card Balance Offer

If you carry a high-interest balance with a credit card elsewhere, this is the perfect time to save money by transferring those balances to a PAFCU Visa Preferred Platinum Card.

Members will enjoy a 1.99% APR for 12 months with a fee-free balance transfer. Simply make the transfer by December 31, 2021. 

Why wait to save money? If you have a rate of 15% or more on a credit card elsewhere, you could save up to $30 each month on interest alone during the first year!

Learn more about our Visa Preferred Platinum Card today.


New Members May Earn $200 for Joining PAFCU

Here's to a great new relationship!

In our effort to continually help the best interest of the Polish-American community, we're offering new members $200 when they open a Preferred Checking Account!

On top of the $200, our Preferred Checking Account can earn a member up to $225 each year in dividends.

You can learn about all of the details of this special here.

Hurry! This special offer ends December 11, 2021.


Our Popular Christmas Loan is Back!

Let us help eliminate some of the financial stress that comes along with the holidays. 

Our Christmas Loan features an incredible 2.10% APR! Members simply won't find a lower rate anywhere.

Call us today (248) 619-0440 or apply online to take advantage of this unbeatable special loan.


Introducing a New 10-Year Mortgage

With a rate as low as 2.50% APY, this new mortgage is certain to be among our most popular mortgage loans!

If you're currently in the midst of a long-term loan and have built up at at least 50% equity, this mortgage is ideal for you. Your payment could be lower and your house may be paid off sooner than expected.

Call us today at (248) 619-0440 for more information.

This mortgage is for new money only. PAFCU members with a mortgage financed elsewhere are eligible. Members with a current PAFCU mortgage are ineligible. You may select a longer term, but the rate is fixed only for the first 10 years. If the loan is not paid in its entirety at the end of the 10-year period, the mortgage will be refinanced at our current rates and terms at that time.


Members Received Rebate for 2020 Loans

Everyone knows 2020 was a difficult year. However, we wanted to end those long 12 months on a positive note by giving cash back to many of our members.

To help us say "Thank You" for their loyalty, members with a vehicle or signature loan in 2020 received a cash deposit into their PAFCU share account on December 23, 2020. Qualified members* received up to $800 just for supporting the only credit union serving Metro Detroit Polonia.

We know many competitors are always asking for your business. Yet the members receiving this rebate have trusted PAFCU with their auto and personal loan needs. We're thrilled to reward this loyalty with a cash rebate for the third consecutive year!

*The rebate amount members receive depends on the number of months the loan was active during 2020. This rebate is not guaranteed to continue. The credit union will consider the offer again if PAFCU performs as well in 2021. Any member that was delinquent with a payment in 2020 or caused the credit union a loss is not eligible for this rebate. Mortgages, home equity loans/lines, and credit card loans are not included. 


Do You Have Our Mobile App Yet?

Our redesigned mobile app has been designed to make your life more convenient!

You'll find the new app to be easier to navigate, easier to read, and more powerful to do almost anything with your PAFCU accounts.

How to Download the New App:

Apple Devices: Go to Apple iTunes Store, type in “PAFCU” and download our new mobile app.

Android Devices: Go to the Google Play Store, type in “PAFCU” and download our new mobile app.

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