We're Giving Members Cash Back Again!

PAFCU members have received a 15% Cash Rebate for the interest they paid on their consumer loans during 2022!

This is the fourth consecutive year members have been rewarded for their loyalty to our credit union.

The cash rebates, deposited directly into each member's savings account on December 22, range from a few dollars to over $600.

"How much did I earn?" you may ask.

Suppose you paid $200 of interest for an auto loan in 2022.

You would have earned a $30 cash rebate in your savings account.

It's as simple as that!

This unique program is our way of saying "Thank you" to our loyal members.

The Cash Rebate is approved by PAFCU's Board of Directors and may change yearly depending on the credit union’s financial performance.

Here's How It Works:

Members with a vehicle or personal loan are qualified for the interest rebate.

The loan must have been with the credit union during the year.

The member must not have had any late payments during the year.

Upon the Board of Directors' approval in December, the credit union runs an internal report of each member's loan activity. The cash rebate is then automatically deposited into each member's savings account.

You can check your account from our home banking system to learn if you received a rebate and, if so, for how much.

The PAFCU Board of Directors intends to pay the cash back each year. However, the rebate is not guaranteed and depends on the credit union's financial performance. Anyone who causes PAFCU a loss is ineligible for the cash rebate. Mortgage, business loans, and credit cards are not eligible.



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