Looking for a Great Credit Union? Your Search Just Ended

Maybe a friend mentioned us or you're simply looking for a new financial home that will treat you better.

If so, today's a perfect day to join Polish-American Federal Credit Union! We're the credit union Polonia banks on.

Not only does PAFCU offer highly competitive rates on loans and savings programs, we are one of the leading organizations helping to support Metro Detroit Polonia.

We're definitely proud of the thousands of Polish Americans we've helped since our doors opened in 1976.

You may qualify for membership at PAFCU if you are of Polish heritage or descent or if you are a member in good standing with one of the organizations outlined in our PAFCU Charter Number 22280. You can view a copy of our charter’s Field of Membership by clicking here.

New members must also be residents of Michigan.

Feel free to contact us directly to receive further information and learn how to possibly become a member at PAFCU. 

A simple $5 deposit is required in order to become a member.

Minimum Balance Requirements – To become a member at PAFCU, you must purchase one share.  The$5 deposit into a savings account and actually makes you an owner of the credit union with full voting rights to determine who serves on our volunteer Board of Directors. The minimum $5 cannot be withdrawn unless you close your account. You must maintain a minimum average daily balance of $5.01 in your account to receive dividends.

Your support allows us to contribute thousands of dollars to Polish cultural, educational, and youth activities.

If you're ready for a new financial insitution, we're more than ready to welcome you to our credit union family.

Become a Member

For security reasons, an in-person signature is required to become an official credit union member.


Member Referral Program

If you have a family member or friend that could benefit from becoming a member at PAFCU, please refer them to us! You could earn up to $25 for you and the new member!

If the new member opens a savings and checking account (with a debit card), both of you will earn $25. The new member simply needs to average six non-PIN transations with their PAFCU debit card in each of the first three months.

You and the new member can earn another $25 each if the new member finances a loan worth at least $5,000!

Just be sure the new member mentions your name when they open the new account. We want to make sure you cash in!

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