How does one become a member?

You may qualify for membership at Polish-American Federal Credit Union if you are of Polish heritage or descent or if you are a member in good standing with one of the organizations outlined in our Polish-American Federal Credit Union Charter Number 22280. You can view a copy of our Charter’s Field of Membership by clicking here.

You may also contact us directly to receive further information regarding becoming a member of Polish-American Federal Credit Union.

A $5 deposit is required in order to become a member.

Minimum Balance Requirements – To become a member at PAFCU, you must purchase one share.  This is a $5 deposit into a savings account.  The minimum $5 cannot be withdrawn unless you close your account. You must maintain a minimum average daily balance of $5.01 in your account to receive dividends.

Your support allows us to contribute thousands of dollars to Polish cultural, educational, and youth activities.

Become a Member

For security reasons, an in-person signature is required to become an official credit union member.

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