It's Never Too Early to Learn

Youth savers will have fun being a member at Polish-American Federal Credit Union!

Brand new youth members receive free gifts for becoming a member and parents (or grandparents) earn $25 for each child they refer to the credit union!

Membership at PAFCU means more with us. When your child joins our credit union family, you're helping to share a piece of your Polish heritage and while encouraging wise savings habits.

Children with a PAFCU account will receive a small gift each time they visit our branch and make a small deposit!


Use Your Child Tax Credit to Invest In Your Child

The recent child tax credit is designed to help many people take care of some extra costs brought on by the pandemic. However, if you're fortunate that you've come through this historic period in relatively good financial shape, this may be an ideal time to direct that tax credit toward your child.

Even with a small initial deposit, you're child will begin to learn the importance of saving money. We always hear how kids don't appreciate the value of a dollar. Here's your chance to correct that with your own children. The nice part of our youth savings account is that parents/grandparents maintain full control of any withdrawals until the child reaches the age of 18.


"A” Grade Reward Program

We offer a $2 deposit for each “A” young members (Kindergarten through 12th grade) receive on a report card.

“A” Grade Reward Rules

Students 18 & Older

This account sets you up on your own!

PAFCU makes banking convenient for our student members, likely in college or trade school.

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