It's Never Too Early for Kids to Earn!

Youth savers are having fun being a member at Polish-American Federal Credit Union!

We start with a $50 deposit reward inyour child's new savings account.* 

Our Youth Savers also earn free gifts when they become a member -- and parents (or grandparents) earn $25 for each child they refer to the credit union!

All children with a PAFCU account also receive a small gift each time they visit our branch and make a $5 deposit or more.

Membership at PAFCU means more with us. When your child joins our credit union family, you're helping to share a piece of your Polish heritage and while encouraging wise savings habits.

*New youth account members as of January 1, 2022 only. Child must not have closed their savings account within the last two years to be eligible.


Make Sure Your Children Grab Their Birthday Quarters!

Your child can now earn a handful of quarters during their birthday month!

Here's how to join the fun:

Visit one of our offices during your child's birthday.

Let a teller know it's your child's birthday month.

Our staff member will double check the birthday date and then bring out a bowl of quarters.

Your child then reaches in, grabs as many quarters with one hand, and we'll deposit that amount into their PAFCU account.

It's that easy!

Good info to know: This is for children with a PAFCU youth account only. One handful is allowed each year and only during the child's birthday month. The minimum amount is $3, the maximum is $10.


We Reward Children With "A's” On Their Report Card

We offer a $2 deposit for each “A” young members (Kindergarten through 12th grade) receive on a report card.

“A” Grade Reward Rules

Students 18 & Older

This account sets you up on your own!

PAFCU makes banking convenient for our student members, likely in college or trade school.

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