Your Funds Are Safe and Secure at PAFCU

Despite the news about a few bank failures, Polish-American Federal Credit Union members should understand that their money is safe and secure.

PAFCU is federally insured by the National Credit Union Administration (NCUA), the government agency constantly monitoring and regulating all federal credit unions.

Your funds are insured for up to $250,000 per person. PAFCU is also a well-capitalized credit union, regularly examined and audited for financial safety.

Though the national news about the banking industry has recently been in the headlines, members should be assured that their funds are safe and secure with PAFCU.


Refer a New Member to PAFCU & Earn Up to $100

Friends don't let friends bank.

However, they do refer them to an excellent credit union like PAFCU.

Refer a friend or family member to become a new member with us, and you and the new member will both cash in!

When the new member opens a savings account, you both earn $50. When they open a Preferred Checking Account and perform enough debit card transactions, you will receive $100!

To learn much more, click here.


PAFCU Sends Over $63,000 to Help Ukrainian Refugees in Poland

Over $63,000 has been raised to aid Ukrainian refugees in Poland following a fundraiser through Polish-American Federal Credit Union (PAFCU).

All donations from public contributions have been matched by PAFCU for this growing humanitarian cause. Funds are being sent directly to the Polish Red Cross.

Over 2.6 million Ukrainian refugees have sought refuge in Poland since the Russian invasion of Ukraine in March of 2022.

“The community is generously answering the call beyond our expectations,” PAFCU President John Swidwinski said. “Poles know first-hand the devastation of war, and we certainly empathize with the plight of all Ukrainians.”

PAFCU has a legacy of reaching out to organizations in need, yet this is the most significant financial contribution in PAFCU’s 46-year history.

“The Ukrainian refugee situation in Poland is dire, and we are proud to be a catalyst to help. As long as there is a need, the credit union will continue to accept donations,” said Swidwinski.

Please see the video on our home page capturing this special event.


Hamtramck Branch Hours

Please note our Hamtramck Branch hours have changed.

The hours on Wednesdays and Thursdays are 9:30 a.m. - 1:30 p.m.

No other hours have changed. Our Troy Branch hours will remain the same.


Members Received Rebate for 2022 Loans!

Our Board of Directors is saying "Thank you" to our members - once again - for trusting PAFCU with their consumer loan in 2022.

To show our gratitude for their loyalty, members with a vehicle or signature loan in 2022 received a cash deposit into their PAFCU share account last December. Qualified members* received up to $800 just for supporting the only credit union serving Metro Detroit Polonia.

We know many competitors are always asking for your business. Yet the members have shown support for the credit union. In turn, we're able to help support members with great rates while also providing donations to local non-profit organizations in the Polish community.

We're thrilled to reward this loyalty with a cash rebate for the fourth consecutive year!

*The rebate amount members receive depends on the number of months the loan was active during 2021. This rebate is not guaranteed to continue. The credit union will consider the offer again if PAFCU performs as well in 2022. Any member that was delinquent with payment in 2022 or caused the credit union a loss is not eligible for this rebate. Mortgages, home equity loans/lines, and credit card loans are not included. 


We Can Help You Send Wire Transfers Easily

Come into one of our branches and our staff can wire transfer to a friend or family member in another both safely and quickly.

Enjoy peace of mind by allowing us to handle your important delivery.

Domestic wire transfers are $20 and foreign wire transfers are $40.


Do You Have Our Mobile App Yet?

Our redesigned mobile app has been designed to make your life more convenient!

You'll find the new app to be easier to navigate, easier to read, and more powerful to do almost anything with your PAFCU accounts.

How to Download the New App:

Apple Devices: Go to Apple iTunes Store, type in “PAFCU” and download our new mobile app.

Android Devices: Go to the Google Play Store, type in “PAFCU” and download our new mobile app.

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