Make Your Dream Home a Reality!

The home buying process can be lengthy and stressful. You need a partner by your side that wants the process to go smoothly so you open the door with excitement rather than anxiety.

We consider our members family. Our loan officers are well experienced and understand the numerous challenges of buying a home. We’ll sit down with you, figure out a loan that is right for your budget, and help you with the important pre-approval process.

Soon enough, you'll have a home you absolutely love with a payment plan you're comfortable to make.

Whether you’re buying your first home or refinancing your current mortgage, we’re ready to help you!


What makes us different than other lenders? We don’t charge any of the fees most mortgage lenders do. We also don’t collect your monthly allocation for property taxes and insurance.

We offer:

Introducing a New 10-Year Mortgage!

With a rate as low as 2.50 APY, this new mortgage is certain to be among our most popular mortgage loans!

If you're currently in the midst of a long-term loan and have built up at at least 50% equity, this mortgage is ideal for you. Your payment could be lower and your house may be paid off sooner than expected.

This mortgage is for new money only. PAFCU members with a mortgage financed elsewhere are eligible. Members with a current PAFCU mortgage are ineligible. You may select a longer term, but the rate is fixed only for the first 10 years. If the loan is not paid in its entirety at the end of the 10-year period, the mortgage will be refinanced at our current rates and terms at that time.


Home Equity Loans & Home Equity Lines of Credit

Have you been in your house for a few years and have equity built up in your home’s value?

A home equity loan or HELOC might be a great option to help finance a major purchase such as a home improvement project, a great pool, consolidate high-rate debt, or even a large wedding. 

We Have Lowered Our Home Equity Rates!

Home Equity Loan rates are now as low as 2.75% APR.

Home Equity Line Of Credit Rates have dropped to 2.50% APR.

Home Equity Loan Features:

Home Equity Line of Credit Features:

* Consult your tax advisor for potential tax deduction. APR = Annual Percentage Rate. $5,000 minimum draw.  Rates determined by each member's creditworthiness and term of loan and equity in home. 

To complete a mortgage or home equity application form please stop by our Troy Branch.

Questions? Feel free to contact our loan department at (248) 619-0440.

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