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Fee Schedule
Effective Date: Tuesday, June 25th, 2024
General Services
Money Orders $2.00
Notary Service FREE for Members
Incoming Wire Transfer - Domestic & International $10.00
Outgoing Wire Transfers - Domestic $20.00
Outgoing Wire Transfers - International $40.00
Fax $0.50 per page
Copies $0.20 per page
Cashiers Checks $5.00
Charge for Items Deposited and Returned (NSF) $25.00
Garnishments/Levies $35.00
Escheated Accounts $50.00
Dormant Account Mainenance Fee $3.00 per month
VISA Statement Copies $5.00 per statement
Gift Cards $5.00
Share Draft/Checking
Phone Transfers FREE
NSF Charge for Checks $25.00 per occurence
NSF Charge for ACH $25.00 per occurence
Overdraft Transfer from Shares to Share Draft $1.00
Stop Payment Placement/Release per Check/Range $20.00/$40.00
Monthly Service Charge $2.00 (FREE with e-statements)
Copy of Check $5.00
Statement Balancing FREE for current month
Duplicate Statement $2.00
Account History Print Outs $0.50 per page
History/Research $20.00 per hour
Canadian Check Fee $10.00
Business Checking Monthly Maintenance Fee $5.00
Automated Teller Machine Service
Debit Card & PIN FREE
Replacement Debit Card $5.00
ATM Withdrawals at Polish-American FCU owned ATMs and the CO-OP Network FREE
ATM Deposits at Polish-American FCU owned ATMs & the CO-OP Network FREE
Balance Inquiries FREE
Non-Network ATM Withdrawals $2.00
Loan Fees
Replacement Visa Card $10.00
Express Courier Service up to $50.00
Loan Application Fee FREE
Auto Lien Filing Fee $20.00
Mortgage Payoff Statement $30.00

Rates are effective as of the date of publication of the Fee Schedule and are subject to change at any time. Fees related to our Loan Program are valid when you apply for a loan. For further information regarding loan fees please contact us at (248) 619-0440.

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