Drive Off with a Great Loan Rate & Free Fuel

The process of getting a new vehicle can be a challenge - and expensive - but we're here to help.

Now through June 17, 2023, we're offering excellent rates on new and used vehicles.

We're also giving away up to $100 of free fuel for each loan!

And if the price of that new car might put a pinch on your finances, you can choose to defer your first payment for up to 90 days.

Though we can't control the prices of cars and fuel, PAFCU remains the place you can bank on.

Here's Why You Should Finance with Us

*Interest will still accrue during this period. Rates are determined by creditworthiness.

Want another easy way to save on a gallon of gasoline?

Use your ScoreCard Reward points with every purchase made with your PAFCU Visa Card.

You could save up to 20 cents a gallon using our Visa Card. Learn more at or by clicking here.


Remember Our Cash Interest Rebate!

PAFCU is also home to the cash interest rebate. Members with a consumer loan, vehicle loans included, have received paid interest returned to them in the last four years! Learn all about it here!

Questions? Call us today at (248) 619-0440!

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