Save With Our Low-Rate Visa Credit Card!

Are you paying over 7.00% APR for your non-teaser rate credit card balances? Did you know our Preferred Platinum Visa Card offers most members a 6.90% APR?

Save money immediately by putting the PAFCU Platinum Preferred Visa Credit Card in your pocket — and also earn rewards points with each purchase!

We’ve done the research. Our Platinum Preferred Visa Credit Card has one of the lowest rates in the country that also offers reward points!

And in many cases, it’s not even close.

Along with a super low rate, everyone loves to earn points. The points you earn (one point earned for each dollar purchased) may be redeemed for cash, gasoline discounts, electronics, home furnishings, tools, travel and much more. More information about the great rewards can be found at

Contact us today and start saving money immediately!


Apply Online Now       Visa Application PDF

Use this VISA Credit Card Balance Transfer Form to start saving money quickly! We don’t charge balance transfer fees, either.

Please feel free to visit any branch to apply in person and learn all of the benefits to having our Visa Card.


Use Your PAFCU Visa Card with Apple Pay!

Apple Pay is the easy, secure, and private way to pay with a simple touch.

Set up requires less than two minutes!

For iPhone users, start by going to "Settings" on your phone.

Tap "Wallet & Apple Pay." 

Tap the blue "Add Card."

Tap the "Credit or Debit Card" line and then hit the blue "Continue" button on the next screen.

The app will prompt you to take a photo of your PAFCU Platinum Preferred Visa Card.

Add the simple information as requested, verify your account with the code you'll receive via email, and you're all set!

Remember, whenever you pay with your PAFCU Platinum Preferred Visa card using Apple Pay, you still get all the rewards, benefits, and securities your card provides.

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