Get Your Money Working

You work hard for your money. Now it's time to get your money to work hard for you with a PAFCU savings account.

Consider these savings options:

  • A variety of interest-bearing savings accounts tailored to your specific needs
  • Dividends are calculated on your daily balance and paid quarterly
  • No low-balance fees
  • Immediate access to your available funds

Our basic savings account is set up at the starting point of becoming a member. While this is a start, a member can really ramp up their dividend earning power with a money market account or even a certificate of deposit.

Furthermore, a Preferred Checking Account provides instant access to your account while offering an excellent 3.03% APY return up to $7,500 on deposit. You could earn up to $225 a year through this terrific checking account.

First things first. Let's get you started with our savings account and things get more interesting from there!

You can learn about our specific rates here.

How to Sign Up

To sign up for a Polish-American FCU Share/Savings Account, visit any of our branches or call a customer service representative at 248-619-0440.

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