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No paper statements will be issued for your account. Statements will be accessible via electronic means.

A $10 fee will be assessed every time a paper statement will be requested.

The $2.00 monthly share draft/checking account maintenance fee will be waived for as long as you continue to be enrolled in e-Statements. Cancellation of your e-Statement enrollment will automatically re-institute the $2.00 monthly share draft/checking account maintenance fee.

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Before you can sign up for e-Statements, you need to preview an e-Statement and acknowledge that you can view it successfully. Adobe Reader is required to view the e-Statement in its PDF format. If you do not have Adobe Reader installed, please click on the 'Get ADOBE READER' button below. After you have verified that you have Adobe Reader, please click on the Preview e-Statement link to proceed.

If you are able to successfully view the e-Statement, please check the box that states you viewed the e-Statement successfully and click Submit. If you are unable to view the e-Statement, please contact us.

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