Find the Best Credit Card


There are just so many. Credit card offers land in our mailboxes daily only to make make their way to the trash.

However, those offers that survive can often cause more harm than good for the unsuspecting consumer.

So how does the average person make sense of all of these fantastic offers? As the cliche says, the devil is in the details. And if someone isn't willing to read the small print, don't be shocked when that unbeatable offer goes sour.

Find the Best Credit Card With These Questions

  1. How long does the promotional offer last?

  2. What happens when the special rate expires?

  3. Does the rate change if a payment is late?

  4. Is there an annual fee to carry the card?

  5. If the rate is strong, are reward points included?

Don't accept an offer that doesn't last at least 12 months. The credit card industry took a significant hit during the pandemic because consumers didn't go on many long-distance vacations. Their home improvement projects may not have started because of the construction worker shortage.

As a result, the consumer wins now. Don't settle for less than the best credit card for you.

The first thing to learn is how high the regular rate will be once the special expires. It may not be pretty. The national average is just over 16%, but some could climb up to 25%. Most won't know until the offer expires and the statement arrives. Regulations require all credit card companies to state in sizeable bold lettering the standard rate.

Cardholders are human. Sometimes we forget to make a payment or drop it in the mail a day too late. Beware. Companies will hit you with a hefty late fee, automatically raise that special rate to an elevated standard rate, and then charge you for the interest saved with the special.

Annual fees are gradually fading away, yet a few big-name cards charge almost $100 yearly because of perks (such as luggage discounts).

Here's Why PAFCU's Preferred Platinum Visa Card is Among the Best

Polish-American Federal Credit Union offers one of the lowest regular rates -- 6.90% APR -- including reward points with the Preferred Platinum Visa Card.

PAFCU is currently offering a balance transfer special featuring a 1.99% APR for the first 12 months. There are no transfer fees. The offer ends February 28, 2022.

Your rate won't escalate or change if a payment is a bit late. And the credit union never charges an annual fee.

Quick Comparison

National credit card average rate: 16.14% APR

PAFCU Visa Platinum Preferred Card: 6.90% APR

Interest saved on a $5,000 balance over three years: $792

Use Our Points Like Cash

Members may redeem their PAFCU Visa reward points to pay off their Visa balance. Points are also great for concert tickets, merchandise, travel rewards, and local rewards.

If you already carry a PAFCU Visa card, you may have many unknown points just waiting for you to redeem. Go to soon. You will learn how PAFCU offers one of the best credit cards for rewards.

*There's no such thing as free cake. However, there is a big difference between fancy credit card offers and PAFCU's trustworthy Platinum Preferred Visa Card. 

Contact PAFCU today at (248) 619-0440 or learn more.

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